Sandra Benites

Sandra Benites, of Guaraní Nhandeva origin, is the first Indigenous adjunct curator of Brazilian art at the Assis Chateaubriand São Paulo Art Museum (MASP). She is currently undertaking a PhD in social anthropology at the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She has an MA in social anthropology from the same institute. In 2018 she was the curator of the exhibition Dja Guata Porã | Rio de Janeiro indígena together with José Ribamar Bessa, Pablo Lafuente and Clarissa Diniz in the Art Museum of Rio (MAR). Subsequently, she has participated in a diverse range of cultural and educational events concerning the role of Indigenous women and Indigenous art in Brazil. 


Benites is Curator of Ka'a Body: Cosmovision of the Rainforest, which ran at Paradise Row on Bourdon Street from 26 November 2021 - 11 February 2022, and brought together 27 artists and collectives (and one non-Indigenous artist) in an important display of the cosmology of Indigenous peoples that was also the first international presentation of Indigenous art outside of Brazil to be curated by an Indigenous curator.