Ermelinda Bosco Peixoto


Ermelinda yêpá'rio is from Pari Cachoeira, Rio Tiquié, and is of the Tukano people. She is a singer of traditional songs and a producer of handicrafts, working in particular with natural seeds. She currently lives in São Paulo.


Her seed works are made with the native seeds of the Amazon region. Through these seeds, her people maintain the wisdom of those who came before. Each seed carries a piece of each knowledge. With over 46,000 plant species, nearly half of which are endemic, Brazil is the country with the greatest wealth of plants in the world. This
immense biodiversity is located mainly in the forests and is the result of the environmental management of Indigenous peoples. Recent studies suggest that 60% of the Amazon is anthropogenic, which means that the largest tropical forest on the planet was planted, cultivated and intensely managed by indigenous hands and minds.