Alexander Whitley Dance Company at Paradise Row: On the occasion of Spiraling into Infinity

9 March 2022 

Coinciding with AWDC’s UK tour of Overflow, and extending their artistic exchange with the Amsterdam based duo, Children of the Light, AWDC presented a special performance as part of their first UK exhibition Spiraling into Infinity at Paradise Row.


The Spiraling into Infinity series is an evolution of the light sculpture created for AWDC’s stage production Overflow.  For the London installation, a single, large, light sculpture formed from 50 metres of continuous, looping, twisting and spiralling metal tubing, suspends from the ceiling and is clad with LED strips. The work automatically cycles through a sequence of light displays of various speeds, shapes, colours and intensities and apparently floats in space.  


On one night only, AWDC dancer Hannah Rudd responded to the sculpture and an ambient sound environment by composer Jacob Lekkerkerker with a structured improvisation in the installation space. A rare opportunity to see dance in this setting, flowing light from the spiraling structure illuminated the dancer as she responded to the continuously evolving spatial patterns and kinetic atmospheres generated by its various animations.


The exhibition ran parallel to the exhibition of a monumental Spiraling into Infinity installation at MU in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.