'Three Sisters' by Gobyfish : On the occasion of City Entwined

30 March 2022 

As ‘City Entwined’ reflected on the connectivity of grassroots art spaces in London, Gobyfish created a meal that celebrates reciprocal ways of cultivating crops. The ancient Three Sisters method of farming is a natural way to improve soil diversity, control pests, save space and support plant biodiversity. Inspired by the ecosophy of planting three companion plants in close proximity, Gobyfish created seasonal and local dishes inspired by these trio combinations.


Muslin and grapes formed the sustainable installation, as the material is used to strain foods, and the grapes were picked throughout the evening to recur on the table. Waste from the preparation of vegetables was woven throughout the meal. Drawing upon ancestral wisdom to imagine a symbiotic future of farming, the evening celebrated the interdependence of food and culture, housed by Paradise Row.