Unboxing 'Community': CSM Curation Students in Conversation with Alex Frost: 6 – 8pm, a CSM CCC student-led panel discussion with Ridley Road Project Space, in response to City Entwined at Paradise Row, London.

3 May 2022 

On the occasion of City Entwined, Paradise Row collaborated with Central Saint Martins BA & MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students to invite current students to participate in the discourse on collectivism in the art world.


'Paradise Row invites you to Unboxing ‘Community’, a conversation with the artist Alex Frost facilitated by BA + MA Curation Students from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.


Ranging from video to sculpture, Frost's work intersects themes of digital reality in the age of overconsumption and temporal illusions. The talk takes its title from a video series filmed by Frost, provocatively called, “Wet Unboxing”. Here the artist parodies the popular YouTube trend of 'unpacking newly received commodities' by submerging products underwater to both absurd and hypnotic effects.


Through our conversation, Frost will further 'unbox' the meaning of community-based practice, such as the social economies in which art collectives create dialogue by fostering the sharing of knowledge and skills.'