URBAN CHANGING / CHANGING ART: 6 – 8pm, a CSM CCC student-led panel discussion with Ridley Road Project Space, in response to City Entwined at Paradise Row, London.

4 May 2022 

On the occasion of City Entwined, Paradise Row collaborated with Central Saint Martins BA & MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students to invite current students to participate in the discourse on collectivism in the art world.



'Conversation with RRPS - George Henry Longly and Joe Bobowicz

In response to the exhibition ‘City Entwined’, the co-founders of Ridley Road Project Space are invited by BA and MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students from Central Saint Martins to participate in a conversation around the relationship between London’s urban environment and the creation of alternative art infrastructures. The discussion will take as its starting point the temporality of the emerging art ecosystem. With an awareness of space as an expensive commodity itself; how can art practitioners navigate around urban development projects? How is the notion of community negotiated and transformed through gentrification processes? And how can artistic interventions thrive in the ever-changing urban environment? As shown in the energy and urgency of Ridley Road Project Space, the lack of permanence in the city entails a shifting process of reinvention. Is then the changing urban, also changing art?'