Invisible Hand by Jeremy Hutchison: Hosted by Ruby Cruel and Paradise Row Projects, as part of City Entwined (25 March - 8 May 2022)

26 April 2022 
Invisible Hand is an online performance by Jeremy Hutchison.

Economist Adam Smith wrote that society benefits when citizens act in their own self-interest, ‘as if guided by an invisible hand’.

This forms the starting point for Jeremy Hutchison’s absurdist work Invisible Hand. In this pre-recorded performance, the artist interviews himself over Zoom. With one self in Ruby Cruel Gallery and the other in Galaxzy Internet Cafe, the talking heads quarrel over the knotty issues raised in the eponymous work, which Hutchison recently installed in those two Hackney locations:

Can art as function as a social good?
Who does community engagement really benefit?
How should artists seek to impact the world?
In the end, what can art really do?