Children of the Light - Spiraling into Infinity

18 February - 18 March 2022

Spiraling into Infinity is the first UK solo show by Amsterdam-based artist duo Children of the Light.


It comprises a single, large light sculpture from the artists’ eponymous new series.


The work automatically cycles through a sequence of light displays of various speeds, shapes, colours and intensities. Visitors are invited to interact with the installation by changing the sequence via a button, and in doing so become part of the circuit and energetically connected to the work.


Spiraling into Infinity appears as a phantasmagoria of light at play; a radiant scramble of energy, a mirage from the subatomic realm, a doodle-made-magic. In the work the freedom of the creative act, moments of wonder and the therapeutic power of light come together.


The Spiraling into Infinity series continues the duo’s recent exploration of free movement in their work, which evolved out of Overflow, a collaboration between Children of the Light and Alexander Whitley Dance Company.


An original soundscape from Jacob Lekkerkerker, in collaboration with the artists, will accompany the installation for the final week of its run.


20% of sales from the exhibition will be donated to Extinction Rebellion.


The exhibition is supported by the Dutch Embassy, and runs parallel to the exhibition of a monumental Spiraling into Infinity installation at MU in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.